Allymoon would not be the same without the help, suggestions and friendship of many people. We would like to thanks them here. Elaine and Jo Ratcliffe, of Grandver fame, Mrs Reid (Runrig) for Quanah, Mrs Sue Large (Wizaland) for Ike, Mrs Gill Walford (Halladown) for Harry, Sigrid Mortensen and Leon Boye (Sequoyahpark) for Hamlet, Mrs Betty Kerr (Deansgrove) for Tara, Frieda Van Den Berghe (Silque) for Cherryl, Carolyn Brack (from Carolyn's Home) for Jaya, Roy Goutté for Tweed & Mist and last but not least Lynn & Bill Harrison (Tullacrest) for Callum.

A special thanks to all the people working, loving and caring for our dogs. All our puppies owners and expecially those who are working hard and successfully competing in Agility, Obedience, Sheepdog and Working Trials.


Also  thank to Barks and Bytes , and to Iaia Capo, Flavia Tracchi, Luisa Balducci, Elisabetta Riccardi Candiani, Claudio Vittori, Barbara Ravetta, Workdogs and Agility News for the photos on this site.


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