Italian Champion






Flint ad oggi l'unica Campionessa Italiana di colore blue-merle, insieme a suo padre It.Ch.Grandver Master of Magic GPE.


Flint, is the only Italian blue-merle Champion up to date, together with her father It.Ch.Grandver Master of Magic GPE.




It.Ch.Grandver Master of Magic GPE

Altricia Silver Doller

Firelynx Talluah

Altricia Gael

Grandver Chantilly

Sh Ch Reakasso Ryan

Altricia Fliss of Grandver

It.Ch.Rip.Ch. Runrig Lochmoidart

Grandver Diamond in the Dark

Grandver Secret Epic

Grandver Chantilly

Deansgrove Grit at Runrig

Sh Ch Lethans Hopeful Flame

Gael of Deansgrove



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