Allymooon Grace o' Malley


Nero Bianco - Black White

HDA 0-0 DNA CEA /CH Normal



Sh Ch It Ch Maghera the Italian Job - Eyes clear - CEA/CH DNA Normal -CL DNA Normal - TNS DNA Normal - HDB

Au Gr Ch Famewynn Fortune Hunter

Ch Maghera Ghost in the machine

Ch Maghera Secret to success

Ch Maghera Time to move on

Ch Tullagale Travel in Time

Ch Maghera The Heat is on

It Ch Allymoon Castalia - Eyes clear - HDA

Dk Ch Korella Heart Breaker

Au Ch Algalon Lyam
Korella Wave a Dream

It Rip Ch Deansgrove Hazel - Eyes Clear - CEA/CH DNA Normal - HD A

Deansgrove Gtee
Deansgrove Teri




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