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Border Collie Clubs and Organizations

IBC Italian Border Collie Club

The Border Collie Club of Great Britain

Danish Border Collie Club

Border Collie Club of NSW inc. (AU)

Border Collie Club of Victoria (AU)

United States Border Collie Club


ABCN American Border Collie Network

Border Collie Rescue Organization


International Sheepdog Society

International Sheepdog Society Database

USBCC All about  Border Collies


Border Collies Breeders

Altricia Border Collie (UK) 

Axernamoon Border Collie (UK) 

Beesting Border Collie (UK) 

Beck's Hill (ITA)

Beren & Tinuviel (ITA)

Bluewyle Border Collies (Denmark)

Borderbay (ITA)

Borderbrook (UK)

Borderline Country (A)

Cambiano (ITA)

Clan-Abby Border Collies (NZ)

Elbereth Border Collies (UK)

Eyes of the World (Belgium)

From Carolyn's Home (Germany)

Gawain Border Collies (Denmark)

Gingerbell Border Collies (ITA)

Goldwin (ITA)

Grandver Border Collies (UK)

Heartside Border Collies

Jakovall Border Collies (UK)

Jenwisp Border Collies (UK)

Locheil Border Collie (UK)

Manderian Border Collies (UK)

Miraje Border Collies (UK)

Pikkupaimenen (Fin)

Quintino Sella (ITA)

Shamrock Field (NL)

Shepherds Dream (NL)

Silque Border Collies (Belgium)

Somollis Border Collies (Sweden)

Sooshine Border Collies (UK)

Spirit's Dogs (ITA)

Tonkory Border Collies (UK)

Wendevick Border Collies (Belgium)

White Noblesse Border Collies (I)

Wizaland Border Collies (UK)



Sheepdog Links

Moreno Simonelli

Sheepdog Laghetto




Agility Links


Agility Master d'Italia

Agility Club Campania

Centro Cinofilo Villa Adriana



Quintino Sella - Agility

Stella Grigia

That's Agility




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