2 months


Multi Ch Allymoon Crocodile HDA (0-0)

Pluri Ch Sequoyahpark Mystical Warrior

Pluri Ch Glentress Satlink

 Aust Ch Korella Spirit Dancer

It Ch Jaya from Carolyn's home

D Ch Clan Abby NZ Carolyn's Dylan

D Jr Ch Beesting The reason to dream

Allymoon Grace o' Malley HDA (0-0)

Sh Ch It Ch Maghera the Italian Job

Aust Ch Famewyne Fortune Hunter
Aust Ch Maghera Time to move on

It Ch  Allymoon Castalia

DK Ch Korella Heartbreaker
It Ch Deansgrove Hazel

DNA CEA/CH Normal by parentage, to be hipscored



  3 months

7 months


 1  year


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